42+ Free Product Packaging Mock-up PSD Templates


Do you remember a sentence? First Impression is the Last Impression.When we thinking about growing our business,we think lot’s of thing like brouchers,Business Card,Stationery and Branding. But we miss one thing packaging of our products.

High-quality mockups are very useful for designers to present their branding ideas for clients. PSD Mockup templates are a good solution for show-off your works.

This post is a round up of Best Free Product Packaging Mock-up PSD Templates. You can find some Latest free Product Packaging Mock-ups right here. This collection of Product Packaging Mock-ups cover various type of business like drinks, foods, cereals and more. These free mockups will gives you the ability to present your design work in a professional and meaningful way. These mockups can be easily edited to display your own branding works.

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All Mock-up listed below are available for free to use in your projects even though we recommend to read the original creators license before you use them.

High Quality Pizza Box Mockups

This is stunning pizza box mockups which is extremely easy to use, you simply need to replace your design using Smart Object functionality and your presentation is ready in a matter of minutes.

3D Box or Product Packaging

Black Gold Coffee Packaging

Free Milk Carton Packaging Mock-Up

This is Free Milk Carton Packaging Mock-Up which will be helpful to present your designs in elegant way to your clients, or showing off your work in your portfolio. Includes 4 views. Easy to recolor parts separately. Fairly simple to use. This PSD mockup includes special layers for your design. This item may not be property released.

Totally raw Product Packaging Mockup

Drinks Packaging Mockup

This is Drinks Packaging Mockup for Branding and packaging.Display your design on this water bottle in the most efficient way. All you need is just to place your own design on it and color the cap – and you’ll get a high-quality image of the finished product. This is just a concept and not for commercial use.

UPDATE ON: 11/05/2015

Free Ice Cream Tub Packaging Mockup PSD File

free ice cream tub packaging design template & Mockup PSD File. Have a look at it. You can use it freely without any intrusion or obstruction, insert in your own design in the mockup or you can pick up any element from this template, to use it in your own formation of the ice cream packaging design. Free Ice Cream Tub Packaging Mockup PSD File

Pizza Box Packaging Mock-up PSD File

Free Pizza Box Packaging Mock-up PSD File,Simply insert in your own design and give it a quick go. Presentation is all that matters, this mockup will help you out to win the heart of your client, just fit in whatever design you want to present before the client and it is all done in a moment.

Pizza Box Packaging Mock-up PSD FilePizza Box Packaging Mock-up PSD File

UPDATE ON: 05/05/2015

Multipurpose Plastic Bottle MockUp

With this versatile plastic bottle mock-up you can easily showcase your label and packaging design. The PSD file is fully editable allowing you to apply your own colors on bottles and background.

Paper Bag PSD Mockups

This Paper Bag PSD Mockups is great freebie mockups to showcase your packaging branding in realistic appearance with 3 PSD files. These files uses smart object feature which mean that you can easily replace current design with your own just in seconds!

Soft Drink Can PSD Mockup

Ceramic Bottles MockUp

Treat yourself to this versatile PSD mock-up of a simple ceramic bottle with elegant lines which will make your label design stand out. For a flawless, photorealistic presentation, just place your design in the smart object and change the background if needed, you’ll be done in no time.

Beer Bottle PSD Template

a great PSD beer bottle mock-up that you may find useful to showcase your label and packaging designs. To replace the neck and bottle labels with your own, just edit the smart objects and you’ll be done in no time.

Handmade Free Bottle Mockup

A photorealistic handmade bottle mockup. You can easily place patterns or text on the bottle via smart object and change bottle color using smart filters.

Grocery Bag, Coffee Cup & Logo – Free PSD Mock-up Template

Free Soda Can Mock-Up

Coffee Mug And Cup – Free PSD Mockup Template

Free PSD Mockup to make a preview of your Coffee logo design as realistic and naturally as possible.

Cups MockUp PSD

Create a flawless presentation for your package design projects with this great PSD mock-up. Just apply your design on the cups using the smart objects and you’ll be done in no time.

Mug PSD MockUp

An elegant Mug PSD Mockup with and photorealistic environment fully mapped which you could edit the exterior or interior surface of the mug by adding your personal or your customers designs.

Paper Bag Vol2 PSD Template

A new natural matte paper bag psd mock-up to help you showcase your packaging branding. You can easily change the color to make it your own thanks to the vector shape drawn design.

Dish Detergent Logo – Free PSD Mockup Template

Package Mock-up

Mockup Shoes BOX

Free Plastic Poly Bag Mock-up PSD

Product Box Mockup .psd

Shopping Bag PSD MockUp

Introducing another item to the shopping related mock-ups series: the paper shopping bag. This realistic PSD is highly editable, you can individually change the colors of the inside and outside of the bag as well as the handles.

Versatile Bottle – Free PSD Mock-up Template

Create a stunning design with this versatile bottle mock-up PSD. Use it filled or empty and change the liquid color according to your needs. You can turn it into a bottle of syrup with a vintage handwritten label, or into an elegant liquor bottle with a minimalist logo, the choice is at the tip of your fingers.

3D Box Mockup PSD Template

3D Box Mockup PSD made with smart object so you can easily change design on all sides (2000x1500px).

Beer Bottles- PSD Template

This photo-realistic psd mockup is useful to show your labels designs, highlighting the design of your bottles, is really easy to use this mockup becomes a great resource to show your work to your clients, your design will be presented in a great realistic way.

Minimalist Water Bottle Mockup

Protein Shaker Mockup

Free Protein Shaker Mockup – PSD file at 1200×834 px – 72ppi.You can change the logo on shaker and you can choose from 37 color combinations.

Protein Shaker Mockup

Beer Bottle Mockup

STARBUCKS Style Mockup

STARBUCKS Style Mockup

Cup Mockup

Psd file download and use smart object (photorealistic mockup)

Fresh Beer Bottle

Product Packaging Box PSD Mockup

Shopping Bag Mockup

Wine Bottles – Free PSD Mock-up Template

Wine Bottles – Free PSD Mock-up Template

Bottle Mock-up Template vol.2

A photorealistic Green Glass Geer Bottle for showcasing your beer label designs. Highlighting the design of your bottles. Very high quality.

Glass bottle mockup

Wine Bottle Mockup

a cool wine bottle mock-up just in time to celebrate the new year, the PSD includes 3 bottles and a environment shot that used as a place holder, the PSD includes smartlayer for the lable so you can easly drop in your own design.

Wine Bottle Mockup

Product Packaging Box – Free PSD Mockup Template

Mug #2 – Free PSD Mock-Up Template

a realistic PSD mock-up of a classic coffee mug that will allow you to present a logo or typography piece in a natural way. To get a flawless result drag and drop your design inside the smart object and change the background if needed.


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