25+ Best CSS & HTML Portfolio Website Templates Free


Looking for collection of Best CSS & HTML Portfolio Website Templates? here we have introduce free and Premium portfolio CSS & HTML Website Templates which you can use on your new website right away as some Templates are free to download. Having a Portfolio interface in a website is actually most perfect for people who like to display their projects, latest work, past works so that the clients can get a taste of your work and appreciate your experience and talent.

In these days templates will have the portfolio feature integrated in their interior pages but here we introduce portfolio only Templates for CSS & HTML Website. With this Portfolio Website Templates you can Easily add images, content to the new pages and the templates will display the article in a unique gallery style. Images will be the essence for a portfolio templates as seeing is believing for most clients.

Either its for individual work showcase or for large company projects these Best CSS & HTML Portfolio Website Templates will give you a head start and the basic tools to start your business straight away. we hope in this collection you will find your dream Portfolio Website Template.Don’t forget to tell us in comment section or love this post on social media.

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Buzz – Free Template

Generally dark website templates look classier and more elegant. That’s true most of the times and especially regarding this portfolio template. We have designed and coded in html & css a great example for clean style, good typography and nice graphics. That’s basically all you need to impress your visitors – a coherent style for the homepage and all subpages.

Buzz - Free Template

Download | Demo

beSMART – Free Template

You have probably heard or read that already a dozen times. But it’s really hard to achieve. You need to come up with a creative idea and go for it. And of course, whatever your startup is, you need a top-notch website template, right? And we’re here to help you for that.

beSMART - Free Template

Download | Demo

BizGroup – Free Template

Free CSS template created with one basic rule in mind – simplicity is king. We put a lot of efforts into this clean and clear template and we truly believe that it will work well for a wide range of businesses. An important stage of building your company is to create a website template that will attract your customers rather than confuse or disengage them. You need a user friendly, useful website that will help you to present your products attractively.

BizGroup - Free Template


Download | Demo 

Curve – Free Template

Free CSS template perfectly optimized for tablets and mobile phones. Curve is a creative website template that will suit a wide range of uses such as business, personal and portfolio websites. We have tested the responsive template on all major web browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome) Moreover, we made sure that the responsive template works good on tablets and mobile devices based on iOs, Android and Windows Mobile. So, go ahead and download our free responsive template now! Just don’t remove the backlink to our website in order to stick with the free license.

Curve - Free Template

Download | Demo

Ninja Assassin – Free Template

a personal portfolio in ninja style. Really creative website template filled with appealing graphics and sleek jQuery effects. That’s perfect for presenting your artworks, after all you don’t need just great projects but also a good looking portfolio CSS template that will grab the attention of your visitors.


Download | Demo

BusyMode – Free Template

Free portfolio template designed in clean, clear style. That’s a great choice for building a personal portfolio, no matter if you are a web, print or graphic designer. We did the tough job and coded the template in HTML5 and CSS3, so you just have to download the free website template and add your own logo, images and text.

BusyMode - Free Template

Download | Demo

Core – Free Template

Free website template built with all modern HTML5 and CSS3 techniques. We truly believe that our free CSS template looks great and will help you to create a strong online presence. We have tested the website template for cross browser compatibility and also tested it on PC and Mac. So you just have to put your own content.

Core - Free Template

Download | Demo


BlueWood – Free Template

Free portfolio template featuring eye-catchy graphics, great jQuery effects and simple layout. That’s perfect for individuals that look for high quality portfolio templates to present their artworks. We have coded this great design into pixel perfect html & css and today we release the sources for free download! You just have to keep the backlink to our website if you want to stick with the free license.

BlueWood - Free Template

Download | Demo

PlainPlan – Free Template

The golden rule when designing a website template is to keep it as simple and clean as possible. You have to follow a consistent style for the whole website and design with user experience and usability in mind. It’s not that easy though. You need a lot of time and some skills. And sometimes it’s better to download a free CSS template in order to save money and frustration.

PlainPlan - Free Template

Download | Demo

Outliers – Free Template

Free website that will take your business to the top! That’s right, in order to get your brand visible, you need a clean and appealing website template. And a good looking portfolio template is not an easy job though. You need a lot of time to concentrate and come up with a creative idea, something unique and original.

Outliers - Free Template

Download | Demo

Blue Jeans – Free Template

Free portfolio CSS template designed with perfection in every detail. All personal portfolios have one simple goal in mind – to impress the visitors and leave long-lasting emotions. That’s true and we did our best to create a contemporary creation, a clean website template that will help you to stand out from the crowd. That’s why we have created vibrant graphics and have added sleek effects. And we truly believe that the final result is a top-notch portfolio template filled with creativity and innovation.

Blue Jeans - Free Template

Download | Demo

Particular – Free Template

Free website template perfect for presenting portfolio shots. That’s a creative HTML5 / CSS3 template that will present your projects in an unique fashion. Particular is filled with glossy effects, highly detailed graphics and sleek JavaScript animations. You will surely impress your visitors, partners and friends. And the best part is that we have released a free package of our portfolio template

Particular - Free Template

Download | Demo

Pixel This – Free Template

Pixels are all around us. We are surrounded by a world filled with digital screens displaying images pixel by pixel. And the bigger the screen is, the more pixels it has. But, it’s not about the pixels, it’s about creating an artwork through these tiny squares. And today we release our newest portfolio template inspired by the world of pixels! We put our heart and soul into this html template and the final result is great

Pixel This - Free Template

Download | Demo

Blogger – Free Template

People will always create and update blogs, there are massive movements toward freedom of speech in the web and personal blogs are the place where everyone could express its own opinion. It’s really popular to keep a personal blog, that’s a vital step in everyone’s personal growth. And we truly support all individuals who need a blog template, that’s why today we present our free website template – a XHTML/CSS template that could be a great start point for those of you who are in need of a blogger template.

Blogger - Free Template

Download | Demo

Mondays – Free Template

Free website template featuring great layout, nice typography and smooth jQuery effects. Thanks to the fresh and simple look & feel, our website template is a smart choice for businesses related to information and technology, advertisement, software, hardware, etc. You know that it’s pretty hard to build a website template on your own. You need some coding skills and a lot of time for testing and debugging.

Mondays - Free Template

Download | Demo

Dinosaurs – Free Template

Creative portfolio templates always come in handy. You never know when a visually appealing website template will be needed for personal or commercial projects. And today we’re glad to present our newest website template – a dinosaurs inspired portfolio.

Dinosaurs - Free Template

Download | Demo

Brain Storm – Free Template

Free CSS templates don’t have to be boring and crappy, right? Today we present you our newest personal portfolio that surely stands out from the tons of poor quality free templates across the web. We have designed and coded in HTML and CSS a portfolio website that has its own personality – clean and sharp look & feel.

Brain Storm - Free Template

Download | Demo

DarkPortfolio – Free Template

Creative individuals are always on the lookout for fresh sources of website templates. And we do have tons of free CSS templates that are available for instant download. Moreover, our free portfolio templates are extremely useful and effective, we did our best to create portfolio templates that present the content in an eye-catchy and at the same time user-friendly way. That’s a tough job – to produce a website template that will leave a long lasting emotions on your visitors.

DarkPortfolio - Free Template

Download | Demo 

RIGHTdirection – Free Template

Free CSS template featuring clean and clear design, impressive jQuery transition effects and great typography. It’s obvious by the name – if you download our website template you are heading in the right direction! Yes, that’s the right direction – a clean and simple style always produces great results!

RIGHTdirection - Free Template

Download | Demo

Market Leader – Free Template

Nowadays the most popular style in the template world is pretty simple – design website templates that look clear and clean. And it works pretty good, people love that kind of website templates. That’s why we keep posting more portfolio CSS templates following that design trend – to satisfy the public’s needs of clean and simple website templates. And today’s free website template is a great example of smart and clear layout combined with smooth jQuery slider effects.

Market Leader - Free Template

Download | Demo

Business Like – Free Template

Free corporate template featuring classy style, great color scheme and good typography. We did awesome job on designing the website template and came up with an elegant, simple and clean layout. Moreover, we run the extra mile and coded the template in html and css to save you time and frustration.

Business Like - Free Template

Download | Demo

SimplyMore – Free Template

Design and code in Html & CSS a top-notch website template – that’s not a mission impossible and today we will show you how to break this myth. Firstly, pop up with a great design. Make it as clean, clear and simple as possible. Avoid any cluttered and crappy graphics. Then, after you have completed the design phase, start coding the template in html and css.

SimplyMore - Free Template

Download | Demo 

PhotoWall – Free Template

Today we present our newest gallery template – a personal portfolio that will showcase your artworks in an unique fashion. What we did is a top-notch website template where every single element is draggable and movable. Cool, huh? And that’s just one good part of the portfolio template.

PhotoWall - Free Template

Download | Demo 

NuTheme – Free Template

Free CSS template designed in bluish colors, featuring simple and attractive overall look & feel. That’s a creative website template that stands out from the tons of boring free templates with creativity and innovation. There’s a cool jQuery slider carousel on the top of the page which tends to be the most visually appealing area.

NuTheme - Free Template

Download | Demo


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