20+ Best Free Bottle Mockup PSD Template


Best Bottle Mockups PSD Templates are very useful for designers to present their branding stunning design ideas to client.We all know all the small & large scale liquid packing business require a beautiful and attractive Bottle design. With the help of high quality mockups you can achieve your best bottle design.

Promoting your business brand is one thing, but major part of promotion is displaying your design using product can lift up your game. These Mockup PSD Templates are perfect for displaying your Bottles in attractive way. These mockup templates are in PSD format making them easier then ever to edit.For a flawless, photorealistic presentation, just place your design in the smart object and change the background if needed, you’ll be done in no time.

Today we’ve collection of 20+ Best Free Bottle Mockup PSD Template, Feel free to download and use in your next project to present your design work.

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Dispenser Bottle MockUp

Create a photorealistic presentation for your label and packaging designs with this free mock-up of a glass dispenser bottle. The PSD file is fully editable allowing you to add your design via smart objects, change the color of the bottles and the background. Big thanks to forgraphic™ for providing us with this awesome freebie. If you enjoy this freebie, then go ahead and check the full set of Barber Cosmetic Mock-ups.

Dispenser Bottle MockUp

Versatile Bottle MockUp

Create a stunning design with this versatile bottle mock-up PSD. Use it filled or empty and change the liquid color according to your needs. You can turn it into a bottle of syrup with a vintage handwritten label, or into an elegant liquor bottle with a minimalist logo, the choice is at the tip of your fingers.


Ceramic Bottles PSD MockUp


Glass bottle mockup

A super-nice glass bottle (of Vodka?) mockup! Free PSD designed and released by Juno.


Psd Wine Bottle Mockup

PSD Action that renders a photo realistic wine bottle mockup. Great for red, white, dark, light wines and Vodka’s or any other beverage that would suit this glass container.



Beer Bottle Psd Mockup Template

This is the second volume of our realistic psd beer bottle mockup with vector shapes. Change the glass tint color with ease and use smart layers to drag and drop your graphic designs on the labels.


Free Wine Bottle Mockup PSD

As most of you know I like giving away free resources to the readers of Vector Chameleon. Well folks, here is a free wine bottle mockup! Just remember to like and share it.

Free Wine Bottle Mockup PSD

Free Wine Label Mock Up

A nice and clean Wine PSD mock up template for commercial use. Easy to use and high resolution.

Free Wine Label Mock Up


Beer Bottle PSD Mock Up

A Beer Bottle PSD (Photoshop) Mock Up Template. Multiple colours included. Easy click and replace function so you can insert your own design straight into place.

Beer Bottle PSD Mock Up

Minimalist Water Bottle Mockup

The Minimalist Water Bottle Mockup is light weight mockup with stunning presentation approach, the PSD includes smart-object layer for easy edits. You can download the PSD from the link below.



Beer Bottle Mock-up

Display your label design realistically on these Beer Bottle Mock-ups.


Beer Bottle Mock-up

Beer Bottle Mockup

This photo-realistic psd mockup is useful to show your labels designs, highlighting the design of your bottles, is really easy to use this mockup becomes a great resource to show your work to your clients, your design will be presented in a great realistic way.


Free Wine Bottle Mockup

Free Wine Bottle Mockups for commercial* and private projects.

Free Wine Bottle Mockup

Glass Bottle Mockup PSD

Friends, here’s a glass bottle mockup PSD file. The mockup is fully editable including the bottles and label on the bottles. You can easily change the color of the bottles as well as the label.

Glass Bottle Mockup PSD

Wine, or maybe not

May be it is wine, may be not. We are inviting you to find out yourselves. The contents have been kept secret for already 26 years now. While the ingredients remain the same, their proportions differ from time to time. That is why you will never get bored from this drink! We can assure you that you will not be left disappointed. The design is inspired by the works of Pieter Mondrian.

Wine, or maybe not

Wine Bottle & Greeting Card MockUp

A realistic scene mock-up including 2 wine bottles and & greeting card that you can use to create a neat presentation for your label design. The PSD file is fully layered allowing you to display the entire arrangement or just a singular bottle.


Handmade Bottle Mockup

A photorealistic handmade bottle mockup. You can easily place patterns or text on the bottle via smart object and change bottle color using smart filters.


Petit – Natural Juice Bottle

Orange, lemon or grape? What is your choose? These funny collectible juice packaging were developed with all our affection for children, “les petits”. With tetra pack packaging that retain more natural juices, all packages have been designed in a sustainable use, with papers and returnable bottles.

Petit - Natural Juice Bottle


Proactiv Packaging Bottle

A gender-neutral packaging redesign for Proactiv Solution, an acne treatment system. The new bottles were designed to appeal to teenagers—Proactiv’s target market—by utilizing the more sophisticated look of a beauty product in place of its current “medical” appearance. The minimalist design highlights Proactiv’s very simple 3-step process, and the geometric, interlocking numbers suggest that each step is akin to a puzzle piece; integral to the completion and efficacy of the system.

Proactiv Packaging Bottle




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